What is Hair Serum and How to use it properly?

Hair Serum

(Hair Serum) Are frizzy or damaged hair making it difficult to control your hair? You've heard a lot of people talk about the incredible benefits and anti-frizz effects of serums for hair. These products seem to work as wonders when it comes to damaged hair. You're wondering if it's worth it to try this research on the hair you have, and buy a serum for your hair.

Are you looking for a product to help keep your hair healthy and free of frizz? You're in the perfect place. Our Kojo’s balancing hair serum can provide a variety of advantages to hair. It doesn't just prevent the hair from getting tangled but also makes it easy to manage and silky smooth. With instant moisture and nourishment it provides you with the salon-like appearance at home in just a short amount of time. If you are looking to buy it online, you can buy it with our website.

Serums for hair aid in smoothing hair, remove frizz, enhance shine and serve as a barrier against environmental aggressors such as dust, heat and pollution. Additionally, they are extremely simple to apply and typically used after washing your hair, and prior to styling it.

What is a Hair Serum?

These products are an item for styling that covers the hair's surface. There are various types of serums for your hair that meet various hair goals. In simple terms, serum is a product for styling your hair by giving them nutrition. The serum can be applied post styling to reduce frizz and increase shine.

Kojo Balancing Hair Serum contains natural ingredients like vitamin E, Jojoba oil, Saw Palmetto and others to make your hair bouncy, frizz free, and shiny. These ingredients protect your hair from pollution. The idea is to use it for dry or wet hair, the serums are able to function as a styling treatment as well as a finishing product. It's great for wash days, between washes and hair-care-free days.

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Top Benefits to use a hair serum for shiny hair

Serums of hair can largely benefit your hair in multiple ways. Let’s take some of the main benefits of serums for your hair.

  • If your hair is damaged, your hair may appear frizzy, or dry. These issues can be controlled by good serums for hair that contain natural ingredients. These ingredients used to give a bouncy look and shinier look. In this pollution based environment, these hair products are necessary to keep your hair healthy.
  • These products have an anti-frizz action that helps to improve hair's smoothness. These natural ingredients help in looking frizz free and more flexible hair.
  • Your hair will be less likely to get tangled or knotted if it is straight and smooth. Hair serums can help make hair easier to style, comb and manage.
  • As you all know, smoother hair tends to appear shinier and glossier and to make hair smoother is a big task. Experts in hair say that the shape of your hair follicle will determine your hairstyle. This can include: straight, wavy, coily, or curly. Different serums for hair are available for different hair types. 
  • A serum can also be used to enhance the shine and smoothness of straight hair. These products protect hair from damage by coating it with a protective layer. This includes damage from chemical processing like coloring, straightening, heat damaging, environmental stress and mechanical stress. 

Best Hair Serum in India

Kojo’s Balancing Hair Serum

Kojo is an Indian beauty brand which is known for its natural hair and face products. They offer you Balancing Hair Serum which is a complete lightweight serum to give nourishment and moisture to dry and frizz hair. This serum for hair is completely natural based and benefits you to have healthy, shiny, and manageable hair. This serum adds nourishment to your scalp with important and effective nutrients to balance oil production. These serums help in controlling dandruff problems and act as a DHT blocker. Our Kojo serum is known for adding great softness and shine to frizzy and damaged hair. The serum contains the goodness of Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Saw Palmetto, Wheat Germ Oil and contributes as a healthy catalyst for overall health of your hair.

This serum for hair by Kojo is suitable for both men and women to add bright shine and volume to their hair.

Main Ingredients of Hair Serum for your Hair

JOJOBA Oil: It moisturizes scalp, controls dandruff and adds a level of nourishment to strengthen hair.

Wheat Germ Oil: It promotes scalp health and hair growth. This oil restores moisture in strands and keeps them soft and lustrous.

Saw Palmetto: It blocks DHT, prevents hair loss, dullness and balances hormone levels in the scalp.

Vitamin E: It promotes scalp health and prevents hair loss, improves blood circulation in the scalp. Balances oil production, adds shine and volume.

Steps involved in using Hair Serums

1. Find the perfect serum for your hair type

As with all or any brands of grooming products, there are different ingredients that could help specific hair types but do nothing for other types of hair. You need to choose the product that is suitable to what type of hair you're looking for. There are many products which are made of natural ingredients to make your hair smooth and silky like Kojo Balancing Hair Serum. People are conscious about the ingredients used in the products. This can mean playing with several products before you find the perfect one. If you have good hair and want to use the serum, you can apply Kojo serums as it is very light in nature and provides you the freshness and light which you want. If you're someone who styles their hair frequently and often, then you must opt for products that help protect you from the damaging heat caused by tools for styling like curling, blow dryers, flat irons and flat irons. Serums can be used to provide quick touch-ups for your hair at any time throughout the day when your hair appears dry and dull. Kojo has the best solution for frizzy and dull hair and you can use it any time of the day.

2. Wash your hair properly before application

You must keep in mind that hair serum can only be applied to hair that has been shampooed. These serums are known for their nutrition qualities and help you in shaping and untangle your hair after washing. The primary function of these hair products is to shield your hair from dirt and pollution. So, using it on your hair that has not been washed is not a good idea as it will impede the goal. Many popular brands produce the full assortment of hair-care products which include conditioner, shampoo and serums that work in conjunction with one another. If you are in search of the best hair care products, you can check Kojo hair products for healthy and shiny hair. Certain people have found that it helps reduce dryness and frizz. If you're considering trying a hair conditioner in the beginning, make sure you use one that is compatible with shampoo and conditioner that are part of the same range of hair products. It will help to make your hair healthy.

3. How to apply hair serum

Based on the length, and thickness of the hair, you can take up to two or six drops of product and massage it into your fingers. These hair product is best used on freshly washed hair, so ensure that your hair is dry and towel-dried, or lightly damp. 

Turn your hair inwards and begin applying the serum to your hair that falls on your face. It will go upwards from the hair's tips. Massage the tips of your hair, since the serum is great for split ends. Flip the hair over and take two to four drops and massage it thoroughly beginning with the back, and then moving towards the top of the hair. 

After that, apply a few more drops and spread the serum evenly over your hair to ensure a smooth application. Hair serums are best applied to damp hair. If you're looking to apply serum to your hair that is damp, keep in mind that blow drying your hair is vitally important.

4. Post-application care

Once you've applied the serum in a way that is effective on your hair, you can brush it down. This will allow you to effortlessly detangle the hair. Once you've applied your serum ensure that you blow dry your hair until completely dry. This is crucial as damp hair can make grime or dust adhere to your scalp and hair. If you frequently use the hair straightener frequently you should first apply a serum before you use the straightener. These products also shield your hair from damages caused by excessive heat and breakage that results. Be sure to stroke your hair gently to get rid of knots that may be present in your hair.

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