Common mistakes we do while following a skincare routine!

Common mistakes we do while following a skincare routine!

Everybody wants to treat the skin in the right way. However, some of us end up following a few bad routines, which cause permanent damage to the skin. These habits can be due to a lack of understanding of how to care for our skin or mere negligence towards our skin. Therefore there is a good chance that some of these habits might be causing harm to our skin. Let us look at some of the very prominent routines which we have been doing the wrong way. 

  1. Selecting wrong products

Often we choose products without checking whether it is suitable for our skin tone. Every skincare product is designed to suit dry skin, oily skin, or both. However, we forget to analyze whether the ingredients are suitable for our skin and whether it causes any long-lasting impact on the skin. Hence it is essential to take a peek at the ingredients before choosing skin care products.

  1. Forgetting to cleanse makeup brushes

While attending outdoor events, we are in a bit of a hurry most of the time, which makes us overlook the state of makeup brushes. Several researches were conducted to prove that even makeup brushes contain acne-causing bacteria when not cleaned at regular intervals. It is recommended to clean the brushes using a mild cleanser at least once a week. Also, designate a brush for different products than using a single one for all the products. 

  1. Excessive exfoliation

Though a nicely exfoliated skin feels smoother and lighter, excessively scrubbing it can damage the skin. Besides, overuse of scrubs can reduce the natural oil production by the skin cells leading to breakouts by removing the healthy skin cells as well. Therefore, it is recommended to use the scrub just twice a week and not every day. 

  1. Skipping to wash face

The most common mistake we do is that we don’t wash our face for a second time. After the morning skincare regimen, we neglect to take care of our face until the next day. People who wear makeup regularly skip to completely wash it off before sleeping. This harms the skin and leaves behind lasting impacts on the skin. Wash your face at least twice a day to maintain a healthy look of the skin.

  1. Inadequate moisturizing

It is necessary to keep our skin moistened at all times. Having dry skin necessitates the need of moisturizing the skin at least two times a day. However, the ones with oily skin tone tend to skip the routine of moisturizing. This can cause more breakouts or excessive production of oil by or body. Therefore it is necessary to apply moisturizer irrespective of the skin tone.

  1. Avoiding the sunscreen

We know how the sun can cause damages to the skin by now. Be it skin cancer or premature aging signs, using sunscreen is a must. Several studies were conducted to determine whether sunscreen can be used in all seasons. The results were quite shocking as it turns out that sunscreen has to be applied irrespective of the weather conditions. Although most of us rely on our makeup products for SPF, it is strongly recommended to use sunscreen based on the skin tone before stepping out of the house.

  1. Irregular sleep schedules

To maintain healthy-looking skin it is essential to dedicate adequate hours of our hectic day to sleep. Sleep deprivation is the necessary cause of stress which in turn leads to acne breakouts and other kinds of skin conditions. Dermatologists suggest that skin repairs itself from the damages caused during the day while we sleep soundly. Any disruption during this process reduces the production of skin cells. Hence it is important to maintain a proper sleep schedule for keeping the skin blemish-free.

Tweaking these bad habits lets you realize how these simple changes in your routine can affect your skin. It is prominent now that we should not neglect any minute changes in our skin tone as they might lead to bigger problems when left unattended. 

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